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Cher Shares

Cher Thomas Designs is dedicated to community improvement and helping non-profit organizations and educational programs raise funds or educate the community about Native American culture.

Although all non-profit organizations may request support, organizations that benefit the following communities shall receive first priority:

  • American Indians/Native Hawaiians & Alaskans and First Nations People
  1. Women of Color
  2. Children in group homes and/or foster homes
  3. Indigenous high school & college students

Types of Contributions

Keynote Address/ Class Presentations

Cher Thomas is accepting philanthropy requests from high schools, colleges & universities for an appearance in three academic occasions per year.

  • Once during the Fall semester
  1. Once in the Spring Semester
  2. One summer session

All audience sizes are welcome. Cher once spoke for the entire freshman class at Arizona State University, a huge audience of nearly 10,000 new Sun Devils!

Class presentations include:

  • Motivational speaking on what it is like to start a fashion line and be a fashion designer
  1. Using traditional aesthetics/symbols responsibly
  2. Stress the Importance of obtaining a higher education in the professional arts

Panel Discussions

Intended for conferences and academic discussions; Cher Thomas brings a unique perspective on an array of topics. Funny and lighthearted, yet introspective and grounded; Cher brings an element of poignancy and tribal wisdom to any discussion.

Suggested panel discussion topics:

    Misapporpriation of Native Cultureinthe FashionIndustry
     Native American Entrepreneurship
    Native American Fashion
     Native American Art
     International Business
     O'odham Aesthetic & Symbolism
     Ethics in Fashion
     Ecological Sustainability in Fashion
     Misappropriation of Native Culture in the Fashion Industry
     Native American Entrepreneurship

    At this time there is no speaker’s fee; however, travel accommodations would be appreciated by colleges and major universities.

    Please note that Cher Thomas’ services will be completely free under these two conditions only:

    • Your institution is located within the State of Arizona
    • You give 3 week’s advance notice

    Learning institutions outside of the State of Arizona shall be required to provide all travel accommodations for 2 people (Cher & an assistant) given 3 weeks advance notice.


    Donated Items for Non-Profit Organizations

    Cher supports NPOs (Non-Profit Organizations) in their own quests to better the community by donating items intended to be raffled or auctioned during fundraising efforts. NPOs can choose between either:

    2 men’s ties


    1 Woman’s Handbag

    Items’ color, size & design shall be determined by Cher Thomas Designs. NPOs requesting items MUST be a registered NPO or associated with an academic institution with a current tax code. Requests must be made in writing on letterhead with at least 3 weeks advanced notice before delivery of requested items.


    Grants (Starting in 2016)

    NPOs directly benefiting: American Indian/Native Hawaiians& Alaskans & First Nations Peoples; Indigenous youth in homeless shelters, group homes & foster care; and Women of color are eligible to receive grants from Cher Thomas Designs for events, trips or seed money for fundraising efforts.

    Grants are limited to $200 maximum and are only given away 3 times a year during the months of April, August & December. Grant proposals are accepted for 3 months prior to payout. The 2016 Grant Schedule is as follows:
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    January 1 - April 15
     Proposals Accepted
     April 29
     Awardee Announced & Paid
     May 1 - August 19
     Proposals Accepted
     August 31
     Awardee Announced & Paid
     September 1 - December 2
     Proposals Accepted
     December 16
     Awardee Announced & Paid

    Creating a Grant Proposal:
    Please type a 2 page essay or letter requesting an amount not exceeding $200USD please be as detailed as possible about whom the money will benefit and how the money shall be used. All provided information shall be taken into consideration. No request is too small for consideration.

    Submit grants to


    Important Notes

    Emailing a request or even establishing contact with the Cher Shares Program or Cher Thomas Designs or even Cher Thomas herself does NOT guarantee a donation of any kind.

    If you have any questions or would like clarification on any of the above information, please fill out the form below, or email: 

    Thank you for contacting the Cher Shares Program! It's an honor to help you make our world a better place. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

    -CTD's Cher Shares Team
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