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Native Max Magazine

A first of it’s kind style manual just for Native men of Indian Country: Native Max Magazine brings to you the best in Native men’s fashion of 2014, from accessories and shoes to street and traditional wear, including Cher's ties.

Indian Country Today

Cher Thomas (Pima/Cocopah) will be the sole Native American fashion designer at ‘The Indigenous Fashion Runway’ as part of Virgin Mobile Melbourne Spring Fashion Week in Melbourne, Australia, on Saturday, September 6, 2014.


In anticipation of the 4th annual AIGSA Native Fashion Show, wrote an article that mentioned Cher will be showing her 2014 collection.

Zocalo Magazine

Cher's work is highlighted in the February 2014 edition Tucson based art magazine. It includes a photo and blurb about her spring 2014 collection that was showcased at the Southwest Indian Art Fair.

Beyond Buckskin Blog

Native scholar & fashionista Dr. Jessica Metcalf conducted an interview with Cher about the Spring 2013 collection for her renowned fashion blog

Couture in the Sun Blog

In 2013, Cher participated in the first Brave Wings fashion show. This article was written reviewing the fashions at the show, including Cher's 2013 collection.

Native Max Magazine

In December 2012, Native Max Magazine profiled Cher Thomas Designs on it's website and also highlighted her work in their winter 2012 issue.